Why Switch to Vape? 


What is vaping? 

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking. Millions of people lose life every year in Australia, due to the damages caused by smoking. The long list of harmful effects that are caused by smoking has convinced many smokers to look at alternatives. Quitting smoking is not just a matter of willpower. The body has become adapted to the harmful chemicals produced during smoking and so, quitting smoking after years of smoking is not an easy task. To aid the people trying to quit smoking, different techniques have been developed over the years. These techniques have been designed to motivate and help the smokers quit smoking. Some of these techniques have shown productive results while some didn’t. Like these techniques, alternatives have also been introduced that help the smokers switch to harmless experience of smoking. One such invention is the electronic cigarette.  

Vaping device 

The electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping device, are much like cigarette and they offer the same smoking experience, only without the harmful effects. This has helped smokers of different age-groups to switch from the harmful experience of smoking to harmless vaping. The reason for vape being harmless is the inclusion of harmless ingredients to produce the vapes. The electronic cigarettes use a vape-juice that basically contains harmless food flavors that give off vapes for the user to inhale. There is also the option of adding nicotine in the vape juice, but that is up to the choice of user. Nicotine is found in coffee we drink so it is considered harmless. The composition of nicotine, however, needs to be kept under safe levels. The Vape store Australia give the option of choosing the nicotine level in the vape juice, from 0% to up to 20%. It is up to the user how much nicotine he or she wants in the vape juice.

Why switch to vape 

Other than the hundreds to dangerous toxic chemicals found in cigarettes, the most primary ingredient that is responsible for the death of millions of people is tar. Tar is a black sticky substance that is known to destroy the lungs. It causes lung cancer and many other life-threatening diseases. Other than tar, there are many other chemicals that, when burnt, give off thousands of toxic gases that ruin the smoker’s health. Vape, on the other hand, gives the same smoking experience without posing any threat to the health. Its main ingredient that produces the smoke is vape juice. The vape juice is made of simple food flavorings combined with either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin. The selection between PG and VG is a decision as per the desire of the user. Both the ingredients offer a different vaping experience. However, one thing is for sure, both PG and VG are safe for health. The only ingredient that is considered harmful in vape is Nicotine. Although Nicotine is considered harmless if used in safe limits, still the users can choose to have the vape juice prepared without the addition of nicotine.  

The cost 

As with the advancements in every field, the vaping device has been modified over the past few decades. From simple vaping pens to Vape mods have been introduced to suit the user’s needs. The modified vaping device offers different functions, but the primary functioning is the same in all. There is the cartilage that stores the vape juice. The atomizer burns the vape juice to produce the vapors for the user to inhale. The vapors go to the mouthpiece from which, the user inhales the vapors. There is a small rechargeable battery that powers the whole process. The battery life of the vaping device varies, depending on the vape mod you’re using. Although the device costs more upfront price than the conventional cigarettes, it saves a great deal of money in the long run. A single vaping device can last up to years. You can replace and refill the vape-juice whenever desired. The device can be charged and used for years. This saves a good deal of money if the amount is compared with what you spend on cigarettes over a span of year.  

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