Swoosh: Making More Possible


Have an unforeseen expense to meet? Want to renovate your home or take that long awaited dream vacation? Well, now you have the solution for all these issues. Personal loans are the modern day problem solver to issues like meeting unforeseen expenses, taking vacations and perhaps getting some new furniture for your TV lounge. Such loans can be now approved in a short period of time which means no waiting for days before you even hear back from your potential lender. Personal loans usually offer a flexible repayment schedule which helps you plan your expenses accordingly to your payday. The interest rate on such loans is high and fixed so it may feel like a burden to you in the short run but in long run, it is the least likely to deplete your savings like the loans offered at most commercial banks. The process of getting a personal loan has been made a lot easier since the advent of the internet which speed up the process and makes it convenient for you because who wouldn’t want to sit at home and get a loan approved rather than standing in line at a bank just so you can apply for a loan. 

Swoosh offers you a wide range of loan services tailored to your needs. Apart from small personal loans, they offer you debt consolidation loans which help you refinance your debt and utilise it to pay off several other loans to simplify your debt making your life a lot more streamlined. This would be really helpful in cases like if you are college student which a lot of small loans which high interest rates then in this situation, so you can take a larger loan with a lower interest rate to pay the other loans off. If you are worried that the bad credit score from 3 years is going to affect your chances of getting a loan, then you may have the easiest solution possible. At Swoosh, it is understandable that there are times where one falls into unfortunate circumstances which are difficult to repair so they examine your current financial situation and offer you a loan on solely that basis so those who need assistance fast get it. 

The criteria to be eligible to apply for a personal loan online is simple. You must be older than 18, be a permanent resident of Australia, employed for the last three months and own a vehicle registered without no finances owing on it. If you fit the criteria mentioned, you are eligible for a loan. They are a faster loan company where the process of getting a personal loan is made very convenient for you. There are three simple steps you need to follow to get a loan approved. First, you need to fill out the online form that is secured by the safest banking technology. It allows them to retrieve your bank statements for the last 90 days which helps them assess whether you qualify for a loan. Within 60 minutes the application is reviewed, and you are emailed the loan offer which saves you the hassle of waiting in lines at the bank and save you time. When your application is accepted, the money is transferred into your account within an hour or the same day 

This faster loan company prioritises it customer at most. The repayment schedule is super flexible, and you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments so you are stress free and can pay according to our preference. The interest rate is fixed so you know what to expect. If you fail to make a repayment on schedule, there will only be a small dishonour fee which won’t be subject to any change in the interest rate and you’ll be able to pay the same interest rate in the future. Moreover, even if you don’t receive a loan, you have nothing to lose as there is no application fee.