Secret Things To Do In Whitsunday People Generally Don’t Know About 


Australia is loved by backpackers the most. It is obviously an exotic tourist destination, but the backpacking has definitely been the tourist’s thing as far as the region is concerned. The sunny Queensland is one of those places that is filled with the nature lovers yearlong, who trail up and down the coast to see what it has to offer up-close and personal. Whitsunday and Airlie Beach are one of those trails that are frequented by the travellers the most, because of awesome bars & beaches and snorkeling trips. If water is your thing, we definitely recommend you that. It goes without saying that the Great Barrier Reef is definitely one of the most visited and loved natural sites of the world. But, if you live in Australia or frequent this area of the country a lot, you must have already seen the conventional sights. Believe us, there is a lot more to Whitsunday. So, let’s take a look at some secret things you can do to make the most out of your experience. 

Swimming & Canoeing: 

The first thing you should do in your adventure trip this time is start by swimming at the Cedar Creek Falls. It is a natural watering hole and is only a brief inland drive away from the Airlie Beach bush. If you are an experienced swimmer, we suggest you have your swimming suit on, because it gives a wild swimming experience like no other. You might have already booked a Whitsunday snorkeling day trips, but this is just another experience. The water is chilly and refreshing, there are turtles in the clear water who would be swimming alongside. During the rain season, the falls also cascade down and that definitely is the moment to behold, because this natural swimming spot is definitely breathtaking. If you refrain from swimming, canoeing is what you must do in any case. From Airlie beach, there are big boats and yachts embarking on the adventure. You can also choose your own partners for the adventure, so if you are with the group, we are sure this is IT. If you go out in the wild water, you can experience the serenity and clear ocean like never before. On the flip side, if you choose to stay near the beach and aren’t feeling too adventurous, grab some snacks and watch the sunset. 

Day In Bowen Or Camp On Whitehaven Beach: 

Bowen is a reclusive, small town just an hour away from the Airlie Beach. However, the reclusion and being somewhat stranded is what makes it completely enticing for someone who just want to relax, refresh and enjoy the nature. The town is generally popular for sweet mangoes, crystal clear water and pink granite boulders that are giant and rule the town. We swear Bowen has got its own feel! Right in the middle of the town, there are some old buildings that are an architectural marvel and are magnificent. Since you are spending your time reading this and we are sure, you are really invested in this trip of yours, we will be giving you a little free tip here. There is an amazing fish and chips shop in the fishing port, that catches the fish right from the sea and cook them in front of you. They are served on a deck overlooking the boats and that’s the sort of experience we can’t describe in words. If a day-trip to Bowen isn’t your sort of thing, you can camp on Whitehaven beach, or do both if you have time. You can camp at the white sand beach overnight, but you will have to take a permit beforehand. There are proper campsites that can host you for stargazing at night. 

Hiking At Conway National Park: 

Australia is famous for the national parks and the adventure they entail, so you can’t miss hiking at Conway National Park, if you are on this side of the country. The lush and green part of the North Queensland has a perfect walking trail that wouldn’t require a lot of exertion and energy. There are some swimming spots around the area, so when the sun gets too much, you can have beautiful pit stops. 

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