Plan Your Private Tour To The Great Ocean Road 


Location of Ocean Road 

The ocean road is a historical road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. It stretches to around 243km, starting from Torquay and ending at Allansford. It was built by the soldiers during the First World War, back in 1919. It is now a dedication for the soldiers lost during the war. The ocean road serves as a memorial for the soldiers lost during the Great War. There are a number of historical sites on the road including the Twelve Apostles that’s are made of limestone rocks. These and many other sites down the road attract a large number of tourists from across the world. 

The great ocean road is a centre for tourists’ attraction. Apart from the historical sites along the road, there is eye catching scenic beauty at different points. The road travels through rainforests and sandy beaches along the coastline of Australia. It also features cliffs made of limestone which attracts tourists from different parts. People from great distances travel to enjoy the soothing beauty of this road. Many private tours are also arranged for families who wish to enjoy road trip on the Great Ocean Road.  

Attraction on Ocean Road 

The Great Ocean road is a must for all adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts.  The historical sites along with the exotic wildlife and natural beatify of the rugged cliffs and sandy beaches makes it perfect for a fun road trip. Following are some of the prime attractions of the road.

Bells Beach 

It is the heaven for all surfers. The famous beach offers the chance to watch surfer sim against the waves of the sea. You can also enjoy the sea view and a time full of serenity.

Chocolate Factory 

The great ocean road chocolate factory is a must to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. It is right at the start of the road and you can try exceptional coffee and desserts there. It is the perfect head-start for the road-trip.

Memorial arch 

You will be passing through this arch on the road so you might want to stop and relish its beauty. It is one of the most visited landmarks on the road.

The Teddy’s Lookout 

Teddy’s lookout is the ideal stop for all those looking for a breathtaking sight full of peace and serenity. This point gives you the view of the coastline along with the dense forests and rugged cliffs.


If you’re lucky, you might witness a koala roaming in the wilderness.

Sea food at Apollo Bay 

If you’re a seafood lover, lunch at the Apollo bay is a must for you. This place offers a great variety of seafood that is a ‘must’ for your lunch.

Otway National Park 

The national park is the place for you to witness the exotic beauty of the rain forests on this road. These parks offer a chance to stroll through the thick ancient trees.

The twelve apostles 

The twelve apostles is a group of limestone rocks that attracts tourists from across the Australia. Their close proximity to each other has made them a prime tourist attraction on the road. They are located about 270km west of the Melbourne, at about 4 hours’ drive on the great ocean road. The twelve apostles are a result of constant erosion of limestone rock over millions of years ago. The rocks were eroded by the water waves. This was coupled with the harsh weather conditions in the area, turning the eroded rocks into caves and finally arches. The cliffs range up to a height of 45m. They were known as Twelve Apostles after its name changed from ‘piglets’. Since 2005, there have been 8 stacks standing. One cliff was eventually eroded away by the strong waves.  They are still being eroded by the big sea waves with a current rate of erosion around 2cm/ year.   

Budget of Ocean road 

The Great Ocean Road private tour price varies depending on a number of factors. This includes the any stay, meal or other facilities. however, you can also rent a vehicle and travel on your own. Some of the items that you will need to include in your budget are;  

  • Rent of car 
  • Groceries 
  • Petrol 
  • Camping chairs or other material for camping 

These are the basic expenses which may vary depending upon the luxury you choose for yourself. 

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