Hamilton Island – A Must-Do Holiday In Australia


Whenever the summers hit the shore, everyone keeps on asking the same question ‘Where are you going for holidays?’ Holidaying and vacationing is very important especially if you are living a fast-paced life. Australians love to travel to islands to kill the heat and to rejuvenate themselves outside of their mundane and hectic lifestyles. And, their favourite go-to island is Hamilton due to the best scenic beauty and everything superlative. 

Hamilton is quite famous among locals and tourists alike as it has stunning sights to offer, delectable foods, friendly people as well as fun and entertaining activities, to name a few. It is a complete holiday destination for everyone, be it a baby boomer or millennial, a family or honeymooners. Everyone has something to do and to rejoice over at the island. 

Any worthy holiday across Australia focuses a lot on good accommodation options at the destination. As people can enjoy more if they are accommodated at a satisfactory place. Hamilton Island is full of such hotels and apartments to serve the purpose at hand. Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments is one good option, offering great holidaying and swimming experience near the island to make your trip memorable from beginning till the end. Moreover, The Island itself has a lot more to offer to any visiting family. The main attractions are: 

The Reef 

The Great Barrier Reef is worth watching in Australia with the family during the holiday season. Though you can go anywhere in Australia to have your beachy family holiday but sitting at the edge of one of the most beautiful wonders of the world is simply amazing. Hamilton Island offers you that, you can do snorkelling and enjoy sightseeing the marine life as well as having the magical experience with a helicopter ride over the reefs. Whenever you get a chance to visit or have a stay at Hamilton Island then local reefs should come at the top of your go-to list.

Birds & Animals Everywhere

Another good thing about the island is, it gives you the feel of being closer to nature and its creations. You do not have to stroll around to find birds or animals rather you could find cockatoos roaming here and there in the sky or birds peeping through the windows of your Hamilton Island accommodation. Apart from that, you can also visit the Wild Life at Hamilton Island by paying a meager fee but on the other side, you can make unlimited visits to the park throughout your stay. You can have breakfast with koalas and can also the saltwater crocodile having its dinner. Additionally, you can also become a part of night-time tours to the park to see the nocturnal animals in action.   

Whitsunday Group of Islands 

Once you have arrived and accommodated at Hamilton Island, you can plan to go on to the other nearby islands for a bit of exploration as well. For instance, at Daydream Island, you could see bronzed mermaid by the seaside as well as local wallaroos hopping in the golf course or at the beaches. You can also go to Whitehaven from Whitsunday to witness the clearest water and whitest sand in Australia. All this can be done during your trip to Hamilton. However, just make sure that your stay is not on the outskirts of the island rather it is in the proximity or on the island. Therefore, it is good to consult over the accommodation options at Hamilton Island firstly before planning on your entire itinerary.

Fresh & Tasty Food

Everyone loves seafood at the island in good words, mentioning that it’s always fresh and tasty as if local chefs know what they are doing with the food. There are many restaurants, pubs, hotels and other eateries to visit and eat at the island. Few of the south-east Asian food items are quite famous due to its native taste with an Australian twist. When you will be out for food with family then you should look out for places offering free food to kids under the age of 12, as there are many such eateries at the Hamilton Island. Isn’t an amazing add-on for your Hamilton Island accommodation plan.

No one gets bored at the Hamilton Island, you can get vouched for that. Even if you are not into snorkelling or sightseeing the wildlife, there are so many other activities to do such as go-karting, bush walking, mini golfing, fishing and swimming that you can spend your holidays in complete leisure and fun. However, as mentioned earlier taking care of your accommodation at the Hamilton Island is the first thing-to-do for you because you can find a range of different hotels, apartments and houses to your disposal at the Island. The thing which matters is to pick the one which would serve your needs at par with your expectations and budget.

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