Everything You Need to Know About Horse Floats!

When it comes to horse floats, Regency Horse Floats is no stranger to it. Based in the UK, the Regency family consists of Jo Stewart, Katie and James who have been a horse loving family for a long time now and that is why they started this company, manufacturing some of the finest quality horse floats for sale, ranging from both deluxe and standard, 3 to 2 horse angle floats for sale. These horse floats for sale are like no other, offering excellent craftsmanship and caliber as the Regency family itself knows what’s best when transporting and sheltering different horse breeds. This is the sole reason why Regency Horse Floats has become so trusted in its work to suit each and every need of their customers choices for a comfortable yet in style horse float. 

The Regency Family and Horse Floats : 

As a proud equestrian family with a history of horse riding and care, Regency Horse Floats know the very best for Horse floats confirming their expertise in the horse transportation business. Therefore, Regency Horse Floats are at sale with prices that are reasonable and equally resonate with the customer’s satisfaction. With a company situated in green grounds, Regency also makes sure you receive your horse float in pristine condition. 

Regency’s Horse Float Safety : 

When buying a horse float what most horse care takers keep in mind is that the horse float has stable and safe flooring free of any rust. Regency Horse Floats is aware of such things as we want your horses safely transported as well. The Regency Horse Floats come with a good quality Aluminum floor covering with an additional rubber matting. For example, the 2 Horse Angle Float comes with anti-slip rubber matting on the floor as well as the side-panels  to prevent your horse from skidding on the floor. 

Horse floats at Regency also come with double axel electric brakes along with a Security Break Away system. Other than that, the trailer also comes with a padded frame to protect the horse so that it can be transported safely, providing comfort to the horse and assurance to the horse caretaker. With such precautions pre-fixed in our horse floats, you don’t have to worry even a bit about your horse’s safety.  

Other Services Provided by Regency Horse Floats: 

Regency Horse Float being experienced with horses know well about different concerns customers might face hence our website provides details about horse floats from their prices to their specifications. We also provide our touch up services for repairing Regency Floats and other function issues. 

Moving on to our horse floats, a featured horse float is the following: 

The 2 Horse Angle Float: 

The Regency horse floats presents it’s 2 Horse Angle Float for sale at Standard, and Deluxe categories. Yes! A horse float that allows more than one horse to be transported with ease and keeping the comfort level in mind. The 2 Horse Angle float comes in round and square designs as well to give the customers a fair design option while keeping in mind the wheel placement which is at the further back side of the horse float so that the horses are transported without the disturbance of wheel motion. 

The 2 Horse Angle Float has prices that range from twenty to twenty-five thousand pounds depending on the design model with each and every specification listed on the Regency Horse Float website. For example, the standard 2 Horse Angle float comes with much smaller dimensions than the deluxe version as well as varying in the standard auxiliary fittings as well. 

The standard version of the 2 Horse Angle Floats consists of eight retro reflectors, padded horse protection frame, four horse rings and a single saddle rack whereas the Deluxe version of the horse float consists of the same fittings as well as additional fixtures for a premium finish kitchen along with cupboards and a sink. A water tank, a fully lined roof, fold up camp beds as well as adjustable stallion bars for larger animals is also provided. But these are just some of the features of the 2 Horse Angle Float mentioned. 

Overall, the Regency Horse Floats has come up with safe and yet stylish designs for Horse Floats including the featured 2 Horse Angle Float for horse owners and caretakers who prefer the best horse floats available in the market with unquestionable excellence. 

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