How to Pick the Right Power Supply and Why it Matters?

People who lack experience about computers often get tempted by all the “good things” like the graphics card and the processor. You might be making plans to run all those new games on your gaming rig, but the chances are that you are forgetting one of the most important components of your computer – the power supply. Just as the name suggests, the power supply or PSU powers up all the hardware in your computer. 

It acts like the battery of a remote, if you don’t have it, no matter what you do, your computer is simply not going to power up. The mistake people often make is that while they’re building a new PC, due to their lack of knowledge they would regret the power supply.  

This is why if you don’t want to find yourself dealing with mechanical failures and running around for repairs due for a damaged motherboard, then it’s best that you look into the power supply you should purchase. Most commonly, people ask that whether they should go for the 750w power supply or the 500 watt one, so this guide will uncover the answer.  

Your Overall Budget 

The budget is one of the main reasons people often do not even consider the type of power supply they’re purchasing. This is why if you want to make your hunt easier, then one of the best ways is by determining your overall budget. While it shouldn’t be surprising that the 750watt power supply gives a higher power output, it is also costlier.  

On the other hand, you can get a 500 watt power supply at pretty reasonable prices from reputable stores. Furthermore, if you are already running short on budget for your gaming rig, then you might be tempted to cut corners on the power supply anyway. 

Future Needs and Upgrades 

Just because your current power supply works well on your current computer doesn’t mean it will work the same when you upgrade as well. That’s the thing about power supplies, they have a specific wattage to power up your computer. Take the example that the total power consumption of your computer is 550 watts and you have a 500 watt power supply, so that additional 50 watts will be compensated somewhere right? 

Well, even if your computer boots and starts running, it won’t continue working the same way for a long time. Before long, you are going to realize that it would start showing signs of problems and after that, it’ll start to smell. So if you have plans to upgrade your PC to the best components in the market then consider going for the 750w power supply. 

PC Power Usage 

Coming from our previous point, the amount of power that your PC requires to operate makes a major different on the power supply you purchase. Now this doesn’t mean that you should completely squeeze out the power that it uses. If your PC requires 450 watt power to run, that doesn’t mean you should buy 500 watt power supply fixed. Doing so can still be a mistake and put you at the risk of potentially damaging your PC. 

There should at least be 20-30% leverage given to the power supply you’re purchasing and your PC will never run at the full performance. If you do so, then you’re simply asking for trouble and you never know what may happen at any time to your computer, in case, it requires more power for some reason.  

Choice of Brand  

The choice of brand can make a huge difference. This is where we can say that as opposed to buying a 750w power supply from a company that no one in the world have heard of, it is better to go for reputable brands instead. 

Even if you are buying a 500 watt power supply but it is from a reliable and well-established brand, you are making the right investment. In fact, buying branded power supplies in itself is an entirely different topic and they are made from higher quality materials and offer more efficiency. 

The Bottom Line 

It can be easy to get tempted by all the “good” stuff while building your computer. However, don’t forget the heart of your computer in the process – the power supply. Invest your money on the right one so you don’t face problems down the lane

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