Benefits of installing heating and evaporative cooling systems.

As given by the name evaporative cooling is a cooling process through evaporation which in turn provides fresh cool air. Evaporative cooling systems have coolers which circulates water by drawing air across the media surface. There are more than one type of cooling systems direct cooling and indirect one. The direct one causes moisture in the environment through scattering the water droplets through evaporation which is not the case in indirect cooling system but now as technology is advancing at a rapid pace it is possible to combine the two systems in one body and these reverse systems have up to 95% of accuracy and efficiency in performance. Let’s study more about what is evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne, what are the benefits and how does it work. 

You may not heard it but evaporative cooling has developed its name as one of the top three air conditioning mediums in USA, Australia, and UAE and is still striving to be on the list in UK as well. The systems introduced in different parts of the world are built according to their own climate and temperature in all the regions. The reasons why heating installation and evaporative cooling is preferred across many parts of the world are: 

Energy efficiency 

One of the most amazing advantage of evaporative coolers is they are far less expensive than traditional air conditioners and heaters and much more energy efficient so as a rough estimate it would not be wrong to say that you can save up to 80% of energy as well as cost of installing the central heating and cooling system as compared to the cost you bear on air conditioning and heaters. 

The main mechanism for the system to works best is little air from outside circulates the cooler which introduces a gush of fresh air in the atmosphere and eliminates the indoor air filled with pollution which is the real culprit behind bacterial and fungal growth in the foods and drinks and this way the risk in decreased by 90% with introduction of clean pollution free air, in addition to that UV filtration system also ensures that no bacterial or pollen contamination could enter the environment. 

Can be placed in open environment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

As we all know traditionally for heaters and air conditioners we have to close all the doors and windows in order to keep the room heated or cool respectively but evaporative systems needs constant airflow in order to function, that means you need outdoor environments for heating and evaporative cooling system installation 

Lower initial and ongoing costs 

Not just operational cost and installation cost but the initial capital investment is also far less than the traditional cooling systems plus the units are also cheap as compared to the regular air conditioners. When we compare the price of both traditional and evaporative cooling system you can easily purchase the later one in half the price of the traditional one. Just one thing should be kept in mind that the supplier should consider your environmental conditions before selling it to you and installing at your place otherwise all your money can go down the drain if the environmental conditions doesn’t suits the evaporative cooling system installation. 

Environmentally friendly 

Traditional air conditioners emits harmful gasses and carbons which are extremely harmful for not just environment but our health as well and they are a great health risk to take. On the other hand it is completely the opposite with evaporative system with minimum electricity expense along with safety of human health and environment without any harmful gas emissions. Not just energy, it saves water by consuming 680w of energy on every 1 kg of evaporated water as compared to the regular air conditioning.  

Why waste money on the traditional cooling systems which have so many drawbacks in the first place when it is compared to the alternative cooling system when we can have a great package on purchasing the evaporative cooling system with more energy efficiency, less cost, less water consumption, tremendously environment friendly and what not. These few elements has boosts the value of these cooling systems and compel every household among masses to shift from traditional air conditioners to these alternative system. Don’t trust us blindly and see for yourself by just trying it out once, and you will fall in love with its working that is our promise. Contact us today and get to know all about our heating and evaporative cooling systems. 

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