Are Opal Rings Perfect for You?

Opal jewellery is one of the most exotic and alluring jewellery you can wear. The flash of the opal is the one that captures you due to its rainbow trapped with the silica gemstone. Moreover, the black opal is the type of opal that appears to be the angry black storm passed through the rainbow that rain washed. In addition to this, no two opals are the same they have different colours and different physical properties. Hence every opal has its own unique characteristics. Since they are highly fragile, porous beautiful, steep in legends, myths and are of high prices. These are the reasons that they make stunning and ideal engagement rings. But here the point is that is Opal ring right for you? 

Since opals are unlucky if it is not your birthstone, right? Trust us these all are the myths. We know that the Opal is the birthstone of October and the Zodiac Sign of Libra. But they are wearing, admired by many individuals of different birth months throughout the year. Hence without any apparent bad luck, there is no need to befalling them. But how did these myths arise? 

It all starts in Europe from long ago. As per looks and facts, Opals were highly admired due to their rarity and beauty. In this matter, the Europeans were no exception. In the late ago there was a great trade of Opals in the market of Europe. Hungary and other vendors from all around the world came there to sell their opal. But Australian came over with some better opalescence that has never seen before. To protect their trade these were the rumours spread by Hungary all around the world. Nowadays the Opals have been cursed due to these rumours, but the Australian Opals are still famous due to their catchy looks and stunning shines.  

5 tips to buy Opal ring  

Since the Opals are the softer than the diamonds, so special care must be taken to protect them from scratches and chips. In addition to this if you are thinking to buy the Opal rings in Melbourne then here are the things you need to consider: 

Base body tone guide  

Consider it as the most important feature of the Opal when you are buying the Opal ring. This will assume you to buy the product you want to purchase constant base body tone is the foremost consideration to purchase your favourite Opal. If you are not getting the equal base body tone, then you can claim that the product is not the original for you. Since the body tone is the lightness or the darkness of Opal ignoring the brightness or color. 


In any stone, the brightness is considered to the costliest feature that adds to the value and beauty of the stone. In the case of the Australian Opal, you hardly hear the word fire. This term refers to the stone’s brightness all over the Internet. When you talk about brightness, then the scale is: 

  • 1 faint  
  • 2 dull  
  • 3 bright  
  • 4 very bright  
  • 5 brilliants  

Opal sizes 

The standard measurement of Opals is that they are measured in millimetres when it comes to the size. However, when it is the matter of the weight, then Opals are usually weighted in the carats as like any other gems. Along with that, the jewellery is usually mounted in the best-looking designs. Moreover, the calibrated shape Opal is usually 15% to 50% more costly than ordinary opals.  

Play of color  

When these gemstones are rotated then they give the alluring play of color. However, there is the number of opals that they don’t have the play of colors but are still alluring on the same level. These colors feature give every Opal unique characterizes. 

Visible flaws of opal 

There are some imperfections that are usually observed in the opal. If you can accept these imperfections only then you afford opal another wise it is hard to afford. Along with that, these natural imperfections give the proof that these opals are not man made.  All in all, if you are thinking to buy the opals, then it is best to work with little intelligence. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about strange myths and stories. Opal is just a beautiful gem and there are many people who love to wear them.  

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